About Us

We’re a group of sports enthusiasts committed to making your sports experience accessible, thrilling and secure

Now 12 is an emerging online fantasy sports platform that provides an immersive sports experience for you. Our platform allows you to create your dream team (with a twist!) and accrue unlimited winnings whilst your favourite team plays. We’re working round the clock to bring the best experience to you, and while the platform currently hosts fantasy games for cricket and basketball only, we’ll soon extend the action to other popular sports as well.

Millions of users engage with several fantasy sports platforms every single day with the aim of fulfilling their dreams while using their skills and judgement to select their favourite teams.

What does then make us different from the others?

Why Now 12

We take our inspiration from the concept of the 12th man that goes back several years and cuts across sports. In the game of cricket, the 12th man is considered as an extra special player that a team can leverage during the game. And in football, the 12th player is a term used for the most important part of a team — it’s fans. At Now 12, we allow you to select an extra player, called the 12th man, while selecting your fantasy cricket team. This extra player increases your chances of winning as you continue to enjoy the game as fans of your favourite player and/ or team.